VIP Treats
How to Join?
  • Applicants must be 18 years old and above.
  • Completely fill out an application form availabel at our-in-store Wisecard Booths and present a valid ID with picture. Online applications will be available soon!
  • Submit the form together with the following:
    1. Accumulated receipts worth P5,000 of purchases made in the last 3 months prior to application date. Receipts should not have been used in claiming or earning previous Wisecard points, or
    2. Pay a minimal fee of P50

You may claim your Wisecard in 30 minutes or less!

Just key-in your 4-digit PIN number and you can already start using your Wisecard!

You may check your points as early as 2 days after your last shopping trip.

Terms & Conditions



Your membership is important to us, so please remember the following:

  • You Wise Club and ELITE account will be deemed inactive and removed from the system if there are no record purchases within a period of one(1) year.
  • Make sure to present your Wise or ELITE card to the cashier BEFORE you pay for the purchases. NO CARD = NO POINTS
  • For your safety, please report lost Wise and Elite cards immediately at the Customer Service. Shopwise will not be held liable for the loss or any unauthorized use of lost Wise or Elite Cards.
  • Your Wise membership can be revoked at anytime for any abuse, failure to follow the terms and conditions, or misrepresentations.
  • Your Wise and/or Elite Points, as recorded in the Wise Loyalty Program System, shall be deemed correct and accurate and shall not be subject of dispute.
  • Shopwise reserves the right to terminate, cancel, modify or restrict any aspect of the program anytime, with prior notice to its members.
  • In the event that the Wiseclub Loyalty Program is terminated, members must use up all remaining points within 45-days prior to termination ofprogram. Due notice to all members must be given at least 45-days before end of program.
  • Shopwise' failure to enforce a particular term, condition, or guideline does not mean it is waived.
  • Wise Club and Elite members are subjected to and are deemed to haveaccepted, the Terms and Conditions of the Wise Club Loyalty Program upon signing of the Application Form.