The Modern Day Heroes
By Shopwise

The Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) drastically paralyzed different aspects of life across the globe. This unforeseen period of our time paved the way to the rise of modern day heroes. People from the sector of essential services, health care and Military came together and bare a hand to combat this contagious disease.

In the light of the Community Quarantine, these personalities continuously worked for our indispensable needs and security. Day by day, stories of heroism and astounding sacrifices flatters our heart. They disregarded the exhausting heat caused by thick body-suits, miles of walking plus taxing days of work for the sake of their family and service to the nation.

Our applauses and salutes are inadequate compare to their selfless sacrifices, but a simple smile and appreciation will surely ease the weary they conceal inside. In this page of history, the Filipino people will be forever grateful for sure. In this part as well is where we proved that true heroes does not fly, they serve wholeheartedly.